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Tru Apparel was founded in 2013 by a group of rollerbladers that wanted to give something back to their sport. The brain child of founder Tom Perrigo it quickly also became a way of him keeping in contact with his fellow childhood rollerblader friends as life naturally makes these things more and more difficult. As these things do it started off very slowly but in our first year we gave every penny of profit to various small rollerblading competitions round the UK to promote awareness of our ideas. Now it is starting to grow with people taking notice as our team of 12 guys is getting ever stronger with a lot of friends in the background dedicated to helping the brand move forward as much as possible. We have big plans with where we want to take this brand and how we want Tru Apparel to be run with the ethos that benefiting the world of rollerblading is infinitely more important than making a profit.




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